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64 Ounce Braille

Point Salad Accessibility Kit

Point Salad Accessibility Kit

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This kit requires the full version of the game to play.

This accessibility kit requires knowledge of Braille and some minor reader assistance in initial setup.

Comes with custom printed 3d die and braille stickers for all of the cards.


BRF Rules(none yet)  No audio yet


Description from Board Game Geek

Point Salad is a fast and fun card drafting game for the whole family. There are over 100 ways to score points. Players may use a variety of strategies and every game of Point Salad is unique!

Cards come in six different types of veggies, and the back of each card has a different scoring method. So for instance, one scoring method may award 2 points for every carrot you have, but deduct a point for every onion. By drafting combinations of veggies and point cards that work for your strategy, you can amass the most points and win.

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