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Monza Accessibility Combo Kit

Monza Accessibility Combo Kit

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While most of our accessibility kits do not include the game this combo kit does

This accessibility kit requires some minor reader assistance in initial setup.

Includes 6 custom braille dice, 3d printed cars and board overlay.

BRF Rules(none yet)  Quick Audio Description


This product teaches tactile discrimination, being careful with a board, and a few letters for non readers. Definitely great for any early Braille reader.


BRL Rules(none yet)  1 minute explanation(none yet)


Product Description from Board Game Geek:

Monza is a car race game for children. Players roll six dice on their turn, and move their car according to the colors shown on the dice. The dice are identical, each having six different colors, one on each side. The board is a three-lane race track. Monza encourages tactical thinking as well as color recognition. The game states it is for children 5 and older, but 3-4 year olds can join in the fun as well.

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