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64 Ounce Braille

Braille Flash Cards

Braille Flash Cards

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These are 280 large print/braille flash cards for teaching contractions. The perfect addition to any TVI's toolbox without the time consuming work of actually making them.

Each card contains Braille on one side and large print on the other. These cards are embossed in interpoint so that the answer to the flash cards is on the other side in uncontracted braille.

This set includes: 

-Frogs Do Jump High - An activity to practice quickly recognizing the f d j and h letters.

-Beginner and Intermediate Nemeth Cards - Cards to practice learning the Nemeth Code

-5 Dot Five Contractions 

-Final Letter Contractions

-Money Card List - a set of cards to practice reading money

-Whole Word Contractions.

-Alphabet Cards

-Final letter contractions practice cards

-Time Word List

-Group Wordsigns


Also available is our phrase pack.

These Braille Flash Cards were developed in conjunction with the National Federation of the Blind BELL Academy 

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