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64 Ounce Braille

Double Double Dominoes Combo Kit

Double Double Dominoes Combo Kit

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Unlike most of our kits, this combo kit contains both the base game and the accessibility kit.

This accessibility kit requires some minor reader assistance in initial setup. It does not require knowledge of braille to play

Includes overlays for pieces, and board.

This product teaches tactile discrimination and being careful with a board.

Unlike most of our kits, this includes the actual game as well.

BRL Rules(none yet)  Quick explanation


shot of the dominoes fitting on the board.

close up on the tactile stickers


Product Description from Board Game Geek:
Game description from the publisher:

Earn precious diamonds by outwitting your opponents and matching up your dominoes over key areas of the game board. Accumulate extra earnings by playing dominoes that match your pawn's placement on the scoring track. Double Double Dominoes is a new spin on a classic game; it's where dominoes and a classic style board game come together to provide hours of family entertainment.
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